About the Job

General Information

City: Guangzhou

Contract Entity: Danone (China) Food & Beverages Co., Ltd.

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: Sales

Seniority: Experienced professionals

Recruiter: Anson XING | Anson.XING@danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


Position Objective: Support on DWC digital transformation journey, enable functional teams to leverage data insights and analysis to maximize data value and build data culture,through clear data governance process, standard data content and KPI definition with integrating advanced digital solution.
1. As domain (Sales, Supply Chain, FIN, etc.) data expert responsible for domain data standardization and integration, connect data usage with business process and operation needs, validate and define data requirement (data content, process, and definitions) to drive decisions and actions.
2. Recommend transformation opportunity with Functional BPOs & Functional Head, develop and align reports/analysis which can be used cross functions, and guide data users to use one-set of data to make business decision.
3. Ensure data standardization and adoption of new analytics. Design and monitor data quality standards & cleansing logic to ensure users have same understanding on data definition and use one set of KPI.
4. Facilitate at domain level for superior analysis with bringing external data and analysis methodology & tools, provide support and guidance about domain dataset for analysis need.
5. Responsible for data issue identification, validate issue is caused by logic or system bug, get support from relevant team for issue solving and long-term mitigation solution.

Qualifications: 1. Bachelor’s Degree, and >=5 years’ experience on requirement analysis, data analysis, project managements

2. Familiarity with FMCG digital solutions, excellent for Excel, Visio, and PowerPoint skill
3. Skill in BI tools and prototype creating tools. SQL skill is a plus.
4. Good business sense and presentable English is a plus.