About the Job

General Information

City: Shanghai

Contract Entity: Nutricia Early Life Nutrition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: Sales

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: Yes

Recruiter: Doris XIE | Doris.xie@external.danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


·        Information & data & System

n  Understands the sales and marketing system implementation method (specially in CRM, RTM, BI, APP & Mini program). Understand the detail data in different system and the data and logistic transition between sales and MKT systems.

n  Understands the systems that interact to validate and reconcile forecasts and inventories

n  Understands the  customer’s own product database and internal computer systems

n  Maximizes existing technology to effectively accomplish goals, and explores state-of-the-art technical applications for improving effectiveness

n  Understands, anticipates, and leverages the impact of technology on the organization (e.g. internet and intranet applications, etc.)

·        System Development

n  Understand business needs and demand to system implementation and data collection.

n  Know how to translate into system solution and data model building.

n  Deliver requirement document and function design document.

n  Follow the system development process and take system maintenance

n  Test case design and UAT

n  Key users training and business logic explanation

n  Project management(project timeline control, status update, vendor management, risks management and so on)

n  Work as product manager to design product in APP, Mini-program and data analysis



Education: University graduate.



l  At least 3 years of experience on system management product manager relevant, just like as mobile app/ mini program design and system solution design based on IT technical

l   At least 3 years of experience on project management of business solution

l  At least 3 years of experience on relevant data management and data product implementation. 


Special Knowledge & skill:

l  Sales and marketing system project management or product manager relevant background is preferred

l  Business oriented thinking specially in sales operation, consumer CRM and business intelligence

l  Project management in sales system based on sales operation management and IT technical solution

l  Worked as a data product manager before and have relevant experience in data solution and data model building

l  Speak fluent English with computer proficiency in MS Office

l  Good communication skill and conceptual thinking are essential

l  Able to travel