About the Job

General Information

City: Guangzhou

Contract Entity: Danone (China) Food & Beverages Co., Ltd.

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: Fin

Seniority: Experienced professionals

Recruiter: Yunxuan LI | Yunxuan.LI@danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


Field Audit & Supervison 监察审计
- Perform risk-oriented audit as per annual audit plan (testing, documentation, support reporting, coordinate kick-off & exit meeting) 
- 根据年度审计计划开展以风险为导向的实地监察审计工作(抽样、测试、记录、编制报告、协调审计启动及离场会议)
- Collect info & conduct data analysis to identify risky areas
- 收集信息,利用各种工具开展数据分析
- Prepare issue summary and quarterly issue analysis report 
- 整理问题发现汇总和季度问题分析报告

Internal Control Improvement recommendation 内控改善建议
- Provide applicable and constructive recommendation for internal control improvement and follow up the implementation of action plans
- 针对内部控制薄弱节提出改进措施和跟进行动方案落实
- Provide consultancy service to BPOs and control owners on SOP formulation and update
- 向流程负责人或控制负责人提供流程改善、制度建设的咨询服务
- Provide training to employees on internal control and Compliance and participate in DANgo animation
- 与内控团队协作,定期宣讲公司各项合规制度,参与DANgo宣传与推广

Support investigation
- Support investigation when short of resource 
- 必要时支援内部调查工作
- Cooperate with Investigation team to identify fraud signals from daily work
- 配合调查团队识别舞弊信号


Education 教育
专业/Major: 不限
学历/Diploma: >=本科

Requirement 要求
-  Integrity, loyalty, responsibility on duty, solid faith on what is doing 
- 诚信,忠于职责,立场坚定
- Min 2 year of audit or internal control experience. Preferable within a global accounting/consulting firm. Experience in FMCG (Multi-national Corporation) environment is strongly preferred.
- 至少两年审计、数据分析或内控工作经验,对快消品行业有了解,加分项:跨国快消品公司工作经验+会计师事务所经验
- Ability to travel (max. 50% of total working hrs) 
- 能够适应长期出差,出差频率为最多一月二周

Others 其他
- CIA or equivalent certification is preferred
- basic English speaking and writing skills 
- 基本英文对话和书写能力
- Microsoft: proficiency in 熟练掌握word, ppt, excel
- 加分项:掌握数据分析工具,如python, SQL等