About the Job

General Information

City: Changsha

Contract Entity: N/A

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: QFS

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: No

Recruiter: Doris XIE | Doris.xie@external.danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


Ø  Support the New formula development and reformulation of current products 参与新产品开发流程,支持配方的开发/验证及相关文件的准备和归档。

Ø  Support the Preparation of recipe registration dossier and supplement dossier 参与支持配方注册文件的准备和递交。

Ø  Responsible of compiling R&D trial protocol, report & relevant R&D data collection, analysis, and report 负责研发试验的方案及报告的编写;以及研发相关数据的收集、分析与报告。

Ø  Provide support of relevant factory onsite audits 支持相关工厂的审核。

Other work required by line manager or company 公司或上级安排的其他工作事宜。


Ø  Bachelor’s degree or above, preferably majoring in Food Science & Technology, Food Engineering, Nutrition Science or Chemistry 大学本科及以上学历,食品/营养/化学相关专业优先。

Ø  3 years or plus experience in the food or pharma industry, preferably in infant formula industry with work experience 3年以上在食品或药品行业相关经验,有婴儿配方行业相关经验优先。

Ø  Good verbal and written communication skills, preferably both in Chinese and English 良好的语言及文字沟通能力,有中英双语沟通能力者优先。

Ø  Good skill on MS office (excel, word, power point) 良好的微软办公软件使用技能。

Ø  Open, active, and logical mindset with good problem-solving skill and logical thinking 积极外向,具备良好的逻辑思维能力和问题解决能力。

Ø  Team player while being able to work independently具有团队协作意识,同时有独立完成任务的能力。